Kendelle (kaze_no_namae) wrote in beutiful_design,

Make me a Beutiful_Design

I really need some help with my overrides. I'm not too good with CSS, though I think I understand it okay - my layouts just never work >_< so I've taken, and modified the sidebar layout. I want the layout to have the sidebar on the right-hand side of the screen, and it IS on that side, just not fitting in with the bar I hade out. My header has just...disappeared all together, and I'd like to have the layout finished nicely in the next two weeks.

My journal is kaze_no_namae. I'm on a free account, S1 style, and using the Generator base. I'd like the resolution to be 1024x768.

My header image can be found here
My bg can be found here

The 'Daily ramblings' column is where I want my entries, and the 'other stuff' column is where I'd like my sidebar content.

I figure that's easier to have something to go through, save for requesting something from scratch. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong, but if you look at my LJ, you can tell something cetainly IS wrong with my coding. Thanks a lot, if anybody can help me with this, it'll be greatly appreciated <3
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